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Curriculum provides elementary schools with a strong academic foundation. The focus at the elementary schools, which serve students from Kindergarten to Grade Five, is to provide a strong foundation in the early literacy skill development, as well as opportunities for creative expression, artistic growth and physical and social development. To support these objectives, the teaching staff at each elementary school includes full-time art and music teachers, reading coaches, and counselors. A physical education teacher provides instruction 1 ½ - 2 days per week.

In grades K-5, a research-based core reading program, McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders, has been adopted. A three-tier model of intervention is implemented to help a range of learners. The first tier involves all students receiving on-grade level instruction for at least 90 minutes daily. Tier I allows teachers to also differentiate instruction for various levels of learning through flexible, guided reading and writing groups. Therefore, high ability students are challenged while working in a group with the teacher, as well as average and below level learners successfully working with the teacher at their learning level. In addition to the 90 minute core instruction, students who need a little more support receive an additional 30 minutes of strategic, small group instruction in Tier 2. A small percentage of students, approximately 5%, will also need more intensive intervention and will receive an additional 30 minutes of literacy instruction. Elementary students are supported through a variety of methods, with intervention lessons from Reading Wonders. enVision Math is used for math instruction. Guided math groups are conducted daily to meet the individual levels of students. Dreambox Math, an online program, is used to also differentiate instruction for grades K-3 students. ALEKS Math is an online math resource for students in grades 4-5.  Frequent assessments are used to monitor student progress. If elementary parents would like to learn more about curricular programming, please contact the Instructional Coach or Principal at each school.

North Montgomery measures student progress with a standards-based report card. The purpose of reporting this way is to specifically communicate student progress toward mastery of the Indiana Academic Standards for a particular grade level. This is valuable information for parents because it shows exactly where a student is doing well and where the student might need additional instruction. Standards-based report cards list the most important skills students should learn in language arts and mathematics within a specific grade level. These reports better represent student learning progress. The links below are sequence maps for each grade level. Each map shows which trimester(s) each Math and English/Language Arts standard is assessed, what defines on-grade level mastery (3), what defines above-level mastery (4) - if it is possible to achieve, and some of the resources teachers are using to teach each skill.

-Grade K Math and ELA/SBRA
-Grade 1 Math and ELA/SBRA
-Grade 2 Math and ELA/SBRA
-Grade 3 Math and ELA/SBRA
-Grade 4 Math and ELA/SBRA
-Grade 5 Math and ELA/SBRA

Middle School

The curriculum focus at the middle schools, which serves students in grades six, seven and eight, involves a class assignment to one of several interdisciplinary teams. Through the use of these teams, teachers are able to have more contact time and work together to develop meaningful programming. In addition to experiencing an outstanding middle school curriculum in the core subjects, students are provided exploratory opportunities in the areas of Project Lead the Way (PLTW)/Gateway to Technology, art, music appreciation, choir, band, computer applications, career planning and success skills, and family and consumer science. Northridge Middle School students complete one year of algebra (pre algebra or algebra I) study as part of their mathematics preparation before entering high school. The trimester schedule allows students to focus on five 65-minute courses per day instead of the traditional 7-9 courses.

High School

North Montgomery High School is widely recognized as one of the leading high schools in the area that implements the trimester model. The three semester, five-period schedule allows flexibility in instructional strategies and a wider range of course choices for students. Students have several options when selecting their course of studies, including advanced placement, college preparatory classes, early college, career-oriented courses in technology, business education, pre-engineering technology (PLTW) and enrollment in dual credit programs through Indiana University, Ivy Tech, and Purdue University. North Montgomery students may take any preapproved online course from an accredited institution if not offered at the high school. Academic and athletic teams and performing arts groups typically receive top honors at regional competitions.

Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum mapping provides a discussion between teachers, concentrating on alignment between schools, sequential development of curriculum, cost-effective utilization of instructional materials and resources, coverage needs and ongoing evaluation of the instructional process.

Communications have been opened by providing teachers the opportunity to sit together to discuss curriculum. Key issues that have been discussed include the textbooks, instructional strategies and assessment procedures needed to best provide students with the knowledge and skills they will need to be productive citizens and lifelong learners.

Educators in North Montgomery Community School Corporation are creating curriculum maps to link local curriculum to Indiana Academic standards at each grade level and to articulate the skills and strategies that students need as they move from one grade level to another.

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