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Weather Delay Information

Parent Square

North Montgomery uses ParentSquare to communicate with our Charger families.  It is an essential part of our school safety planning and parent notification. 

Notices from the schools are delivered via phone, text, email, and the ParentSquare App, which is optional.  The app is available in the app store for Android and iPhone.  ParentSquare automatically generates an account for the parent/guardian, using the information provided in PowerSchool. 

Parents receive an activation email with directions for setting up a ParentSquare account.  In emergencies or when notifying school families is urgent, ParentSquare will use all methods of contact, which includes a phone call, text, email and app notification (if we have the correct   information and if you have downloaded the app).  Parents who do create an account can become more actively engaged in communication by appreciating posts, viewing newsletters, receiving important alerts, and managing communication preferences.  We encourage parents to download the FREE ParentSquare app in order to stay connected.

Delays/Early Dismissal/Cancellation

Decisions to delay the start of school, to dismiss early, or to cancel the entire day is made entirely on the consideration of student safety. Developing conditions during a winter storm may vary from one area of the county to another, but the appropriate response is made on a corporation-wide basis. The following information may be helpful to you as you prepare the necessary contingency plan for your child:

  • A delayed start is a viable option. The volume of traffic is usually reduced and conditions may be improved due to the efforts of road crews. Also, delaying school by two (2) hours can allow more daylight. Please make this option a part of your contingency plan, especially if you are required to leave home before the later departure of your child.
  • Safety conditions may warrant an early dismissal and should be considered in your plan. We are aware of the problems an early dismissal can have on families and we will avoid this decision when possible, but please be prepared. Dismissal during a storm is often the worst possible time unless we have information that conditions will become increasingly hazardous. If at all possible, we will keep children with us until road crews have had an opportunity to respond. Regardless of the extent of our road evaluations, it is possible that your bus driver may be forced to avoid portions of a route because of a perceived threat to safety. Drivers have been instructed to make these decisions and we are depending upon your support for their judgment.
  • In general, when school is canceled or students are dismissed early, all extra-curricular and after school activities are canceled. Please assume that this is the case unless you are contacted by a school official. There may be instances when it is deemed safe (improved conditions, main roads are passable, voluntary attendance, etc.) to conduct certain extra-curricular activities.
Radio and TV Stations Used to convey Delay/Dismissal/Cancellation
Radio Listings:
AM WCVC 1550
FM HOT 106.3
FM WIMC 103.9
FM WASK 98.7

Television Listings:
WRTV Channel 6
WISH Channel 8
WTHR Channel 13
WLFI Channel 18

In all instances the final decision as to whether it is safe or not for your child to attend school rests with you, the parent. We will work with you regarding the opportunity to make up missed work.

Our bus drivers are reliable, child caring employees. Their driving record is exceptionally good. Please know they and our entire staff considers your child's safety as the utmost public trusts. In addition, please discuss with your child the importance of added safety awareness on these days. Please insist that your child wear appropriate cold weather clothing. Winter weather requires that they be prepared for late busses. Snow make up days are scheduled into the NMCSC calendar and will be used when needed due to inclement weather.